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Mr. Smart just bought a new dog named Fluffy. Mr Smart would like to enclose a play space for Fluffy in his back yard. The 5 side play space has the dimensions, in metres. They are x +11, 2x-4,3x.

Write a simplified expression for the number of metres of fencing needed to enclose this space. Would this be correct

5 (x+11) + (2x-4) +(3x)

Determine the amount of fencing Mr. Smart will need to enclose the space if x= 7m?

Would this be correct

5(x+11) + (2x-4) + (3x)
5x +55 +10x -20 +15x
(5x+10X+15x) + (55-20)
= 30x + 35

Do these answers seem right! Please help!! Thanks

  • grade nine math Polynomials -

    I am confused by your solution.
    In the opening part you state that the enclosure is 5 sided, but then you give only 3 dimensions.

    in your expression you have 5 of the x+11, then you are adding the other two.
    That would make it 7-sided, wouln't it?

    Is there something missing in the first part?

  • grade nine math Polynomials -

    Sorry I should of stated that the 5 sided enclosure only gave 3 dimensions that's why I multiplied by 5. This is why I was unsure.

  • grade nine math Polynomials -

    In that case neither the question nor your solution make any sense.

    According to your algebraic expression, you have 7 sides.

  • grade nine math Polynomials -

    it was a 5 sided pentagon but the problem only gave me 3 dimensions.

  • grade nine math Polynomials -

    As i said, the problem makes no sense, and cannot be solved as it stands.

  • grade nine math Polynomials -

    alright? so do you think i should question my own teacher?

  • grade nine math Polynomials -

    Of course! How else do you learn but by asking questions?

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