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if you know that AB=0 and A not=to B, what can you say about the equation Ax+By=1? Describe the graph.

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    if in Ax + By = 1, AB = 0
    then either A =0 or B=0

    If A=0, then you have the horizontal line y = 1/B
    if B=0, then you have the vertical line x = 1/A

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    The line above goes through points (-4,-5) and (0,3). What point will the line above go through when y is equal to 8?

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    You can just look in the back of the textbook, but here is what it says:

    The equation will be either
    Ax = 1 or By = 1; the graph will be either a vertical or horizontal line.

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    Here is what I personally wrote:

    Either A or B must equal 0, so the equation Ax+By+1 in standard form would either be Ax=1 or By=1. The graph would either be a vertical line or a horizontal line.

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    OOPS. Sorry I accidentally posted the same thing twice. :D

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