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acid-base question

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This man had a myocardial infarct a couple days ago and his lab report from an arterial blood sample reveals this (normal values in brackets):
pH 7.30 (7.35-7.45)
HCO3- = 20 mEq/liter (22-26)
PCO2 = 32 mmHg (40 mmHg)

What's his acid-base status and what compensation is taking place?

I don't know whether he is suffering from respiratory alkalosis or metabolic acidosis. Im leaning towards alkalosis just because he had a heart attack. But his pH is lower than normal so im thinking metabolic acidosis but that wouldnt be caused by a heart attack.

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    This is what I'm currently thinking. When you have a heart attack you have a decreased amount of oxygen going to the heart. Therefore anaerobic cellular respiration takes place and as a result you get lactic acid. When the glycogen stores are depleted, you get the formation of ketone bodies which cause ketosis. As a result, metabolic acidosis takes place. The lactic acid causes decrease in pH. But im not too sure why the HCO3- would be low. I guess it's low because theres an increase in H+ from the ketone bodies? I'm really confused. Please help!

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    how can we solve acid base question that is based on resonance

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