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My instructor requested that I write a reflective prep paper for my final essay.

Will I use words like (I, me, myself or personally) when referring to myself in a reflective essay?

What words do I start the thesis statment with in a reflective essay?

My instructor wants me to write a brief introduction paragraph about the topic and then a thesis. I have already decided on the topic, brief introduction paragraph and I have my scholarly references sources. I am not sure, where the reflective part comes in at, I assume that it is included in the thesis part where I am to argue or prove something about the topic of my essay.

Here is his instruction for the thesis part. I assume this where I do the reflective part.

[Thesis: Develop your thesis statement. This will become the point or perspective you will argue or prove in the paper]

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    Here are some links for reflective essays:



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    I doubt that it is allowed to use these words. And why doesn't every student dare to go to the professional service and let the writers from it proofread your paper? At least, you will be sure that it deserves a high grade. I use Prime Writing site a lot for that

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