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1) what is the equation for the line that passes through the point (-3,5) and has a slope of -3 ?
2)the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle is P = 2(l+w). If the width of a rectangle is half its length. how many times its length is its perimeter?
3)what is the GCF of -60x^3 + 120x^2 +36x ?

4)write 3,010,000 in scientific notation

i'm having trouble with these can someone assist with this..?

  • Algebra -

    (1) y-Y=m(x-X) y-5=-3(x+3) y-5=-3x-9; y=-3x-9+5; y=-3x-4 (2) since w=L/2 :- p=2(l+l/2)

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