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1) For which of the following functions is f(-5) = 2 ? a)f(x) = x +7 b) f(x) = 2x-6 c) f(x) = 3x+5 d) none of these
2) Which of the following is a function? a)(-4,1), (1,8), (-4,2) b)(-4,1), (1,-8), (-2,2) c)(-4,1),(1,-8), (1,2) d) none of these

3) what is the relationship between the lines y=-8x +5 and y =-3x -7 ?
4) evaluate i^14

I think

1- a
2- don't understand
3 -don't understand
4 - -1

can someone veridy & assist me on this ?

  • Algebra -

    1. correct
    4. correct

    A function is a relation which relates the elements of two sets (of numbers) such that any element of the first set is related to exactly one element of the second set.
    For example:
    A={1,2,3}, B={4,5,6}
    f: A->B is a function which relates elements of set A to elements of set B.
    If we define f by (1,4),(2,6),(3,5), then the relation f is a function, since it satisfies the stipulation that any element in A is related to exactly one element in B.

    On the other hand,
    if we define:
    g : A-> B such that
    then g is not a function because element 1 of set A is related to two elements of B (4 and 6). So in this case, g is not a function.

    3. The two lines are not parallel, so they intersect somewhere in space.
    They are not parallel because the slopes are different (8 and -3).

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