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Two questions that I'm unsure of are below:

1). The variability of a statistic is described by:

a) the spread of its sampling distribution.

b) the amount of bias present

c) the vagueness in the wording of the question used to collect the sample data

d) the stability of the population it describes

(I chose letter "d"--but I'm not sure if this is correct.)

2) The law of large numbers states that as the number of observations drawn at random from a population with finite mean μ increases, the mean x̄ of the observed values:

a) gets larger and larger

b) gets smaller and smaller

c) tends to get closer and closer to the population mean μ

d) fluctuates steadily between one standard deviation above and one standard deviation below the mean

(I chose choice "c"--but again, am unsure of my answer)

  • Math--Statistics -

    1. A, variability is expressed in terms of range, standard deviation or variance.

    2. C is correct.

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