Dividing Decimals

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I need Help with solving these problems. If you could show me the steps I think I will be able to get it.

1) 0.87/0.2 = 4.35
2)4.4/0.3 = 14.66
3)5.0/5.5 = 0.90

I got the answer by Calculator but when I do it myself I don't see how they got the answer. Please help. Thanks

  • Dividing Decimals -

    0.87/0.2 = 8.7/2 = 4.35

    Use a similar process with the other problems.

  • Dividing Decimals -

    7.75 divied 5

  • Dividing Decimals -


  • Dividing Decimals -

    I don't get It neuther

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