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In what ways did the Conferences reflect Victorian social values and beliefs? In ur answer, consider the roles that women and Native people were allowed to play in the negotiations.

The women were a force that helped to build a sense of communal solidarity amoing participants that were divided be language, region, and political beliefs. Native peoples were absent from both conferences.

This is the only information I could pick out.

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    Did many women attend these conferences? Did they help with negotiations?

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    Yes they did. Although the delegates to the Charlottetown and Quebec conferences were men, they were accompanied by their families. Unofficial activities included banquets and parties. It doesnt say anything about them playing a role in the negotiations, the natives were absent from the conferences..

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    I haven't read anything about these conferences, but your question implies that women didn't have much influence on the conferences. They socialized (as women were supposed to do), but they didn't participate in the business of the conferences.

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    Then how does that work out on the first question? It says nothing about the values and beliefs. So they werent allowed to play a role, by socializing, they spread their words right?

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    The Victorians believed that women should be social but not involved in government. But Canadian women didn't get the right to vote in national elections until 1918.

    That's an interesting paradox because the Victorian era was named for Queen Victoria.

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