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Should I do my solo talk Persuasive or discursive ( it is on wether athletes are good role models or not)

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    That is your decision. Do you feel strongly about whether they are or are not good role models? Or would you rather present both points of view?

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    I think I may present both sides of the arguments, although I have heard it is harder doing it this way.

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    What may be harder for one may not be hard for another.

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    Some things to consider:
    Discursive - Not only will you present your point of view but the opposite one as well. That means that you talk about the positive and negative sides. Don't mix them but pick one side first and then present the other side. In the conclusion your position should be very clear.

    Persuasive - Now you must be sure that everyone will see your point of view as the right one. Try for an attention-getter in the thesis/goal of your speech. What outcome do you expect? Have at least 3 points with a reason and example for each. The conclusion will reinforce your main idea.


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