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Emily’s dad pays her for picking strawberries. Each hour she works he increases her pay. The first hour she earns two cents, the second hour she earns four cents, the third hour eight cents, and so on, doubling the amount each hour. How much money will she earn if she works six hours? How much money will she earn after ten hours? How many hours will she need to work to earn at least $5.00?

  1. Ms. Sue

    Hour 1: 0.02
    Hour 2: 0.04
    Hour 3: 0.08
    Hour 4: 0.16
    Hour 5: 0.32
    Hour 6: 0.64

    Add these 6 numbers together to find your first hour.

    Keep doubling the preceding number to find the other two answers.

  2. anomyous

    what do u mean by add your six numbers to get your first hour.

  3. Ms. Sue

    Sorry -- it should add those numbers to find your first ANSWER.

  4. Evangelise

    thanks i figured it out

  5. Reiny

    your numbers form a geometric sequence where
    a = .02
    r = 2

    Term(6) = ar^5 = .02(2^5) = .02(32) = .64
    term(10) = ar^9 = .02(2^9) = .02(512) = 10.24

    ar^(n-1) > 5.00
    .02(2)^(n-1) > 5
    2^(n-1) > 250

    I know 2^7 = 128 and 2^8 = 256

    so what do you think?

  6. Tony

    $5.10, calculated as follows:

    $.02 + $.04 = $.06 + $.08 = $.14 +$.16 = $.30 + $.32 = $.62 + %,64 = $1.26 + $1.28 = $2.54 + $.56 = $.10

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