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The average of 5 numbers is 28. What would the 6th number have to be to bring the average up to 30?

Anne’s average in math is 92. She wants to raise her average to 93 so she will make an A. she is taking a test on Friday. What score will she have to make on the test to raise her average to 93?

Do you have sufficient information to solve this problem?
If yes, what is the score? If no, supply any data you need to answer the questions.

  1. Reiny

    if the average of 5 numbers is 28, the total of the 5 numbers is 5(28) or 140
    so (140 + x)/6 = 30
    times 6
    140 + x = 180
    x = 180-140
    x = 40

    notice in the 2nd, you don't have enough information.
    You have to know how many tests gave Anne her average of 92

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