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help me translate please!! i tried it myself but it was a mess! :(

My name is Isabella and I am 14 years old. I live with my parents and two brothers in the outskirts of Newport. My school is a few miles away from where I live, I go to school by coach but I used to go to school by car. I only joined this new school in September and my previous school was quite near, it was large but not very modern, I didn’t like it very much, though I went to France with them two years ago and it was a fun experience. My brothers go to my old school and like it, they aren’t as hardworking as I am though.

My new school is mixed and is private. There are about 500 students however I am not sure how many teachers we have, most of my teachers are very nice and understanding although some are quite strict, especially my physics teacher who shouts a lot. School starts at 8:45 am and finishes at 3:40 pm. During the school day we have a 15 minute break where I talk to friends outside, then at lunchtime I usually eat at the canteen with friends.

When I first joined the school I didn’t like the fact that we had six lessons in a day, but now I am used to it. There are some facilities, such as a large games hall where we play netball sometimes, but for games we usually go to the nearest leisure centre. I am excited to do athletics this summer, my brothers like to play football and rugby at school. My favourite subjects are science and English. I like science because I like the combination of complexity and discovery, and English because I have always liked writing stories. I have never liked maths because it confuses me easily.

Currently we are doing our exams, and a lot of pressure is on me to get the best grades, I work very hard but being a new student I have to catch up a lot with material I haven’t learnt before. Next week I am going to start studying for my exams in two months, including science, history and English. The truth is that I procrastinate sometimes but I am working on that. Next year I am going to Spain with the school, I am eager to explore the culture of Spain and extend my vocabulary, but also enjoy the warm sun. I hope to get great grades in my exams and study Medicine in Oxford University.

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    First of all, do not write what you want to say in English FIRST and then try to translate it. What you can write is also dependent upon the level of Spanish you have had.

    We do not DO the work for you (this is not a translation site) but HELP you after you do what you can. Tell us how we may help you. There are online dictionaries, if that would help you.

    First of all you need to learn how to write a good sentence in Spanish. Use the vocabulary and grammar that you have studied. If you can't say it exactly the way you want to (and few native speakers can do that), try synonyms or another way to get the idea across.

    After you can write a GOOD sentence, a paragraph is simply 4 or 5 sentences together. How many paragraphs are you required to do? One is easy. Two is a bit more. If you need 3, may I suggest that the first paragraph presents your idea. (what are you going to write about, or thesis statement) The next will be the "proof" or "stand" you take and the third will be the conclusion.

    A great way to increase your vocabulary is to read as much as you can. Cognates are also a way to build your vocabulary. (bicicleta is so close to bicycle, for example)

    If you are at the beginning level (and you must not be from what you are attempting to do), label everything in the house that you can. For example, label the chair as "la silla" and when you see it, or sit on it, say and think "la silla" until THAT is the word you associate with it. This is TPR (total physical response).

    Another thing you can do is analyze what type of learner you are. If you learn visually, you need to SEE what you want to learn and using markers in bilious colors will help "set" the word in your mind. If you learn orally, you need to HEAR what you want to learn. A hand-held tape recorder is good. Put the word or words on tape, leave a space and then you can use the space to repeat, or write (like dictation) in that space, etc. If you learn kinesthetically, that means you have to PHYSICALLY be involved, by tracing, etc.

    Now, begin again but ONLY in Spanish. SIMPLIFY what you are trying to say.


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