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What events led up to the cold war?

I have this so far please tell me what i need to add, I need real events...

The u.s and britan tried to counter russia's manipulation of eastern Europe. In 1945 the U.s developed the atomic bomb. in 1947, the u.s proclaimed the marshall plan. The focal point to this war was in germany. The western allies soon preevented russa in 1947, the soviet blockaded the city of berlin . The U.S responded by sending supplies to germany.

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    After World War II, the western countries and the Soviet Union divided up Europe. The western countries kept their territories as democratic and capitalistic. The Soviet Union kept their countries under communist dictators. Both the western countries, led by the United States, and eastern countries, led by the Soviet Union, wanted to spread their economic and political beliefs. This conflict led to the nuclear arms race that threatened the entire world.

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