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The function y=Asin (sqrt(k/m)t) represents the oscillations of a mass m at the end of a spring. The constant k measures the stiffness of the spring.

1. Find the first positive time time t1 at which the mass is farthest from its equilibrium position: t1=_________________

2. Find the first positive time t2 at which the mass is moving fastest: t2=______________

3.Find the first positive time t3 at which the mass has the largest acceleration (in magnitude): t3=______________

4. What is the period, T , of the oscillation? T=________________

5. Find dT/dm: dT/dm=____________

For 1. I have (pi/2)/sqrt(k/m)
For 2 I have Acos((sqrt(k/m)))(sqrt(k/m))
For 3 I have Asqrt(k/m)
For 4 I don't have anything really...
For 5 m^(1/2)2pi/k^(1/2)

I don't know if these answers are right.. could someone please check these answers and help me with number 4?

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    Never mind, I got the answers

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