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Chemistry-help needed

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0.3g of clotrimazole (C22H17ClN2) was dissolved in 80ml of anhydrous acetic acid. This was titrated with 0.1M perchloric acid using 0.3ml of naphtholbenzein as indicator until the colour changes from brownish-yellow to green.
1ml of 0.1M perchloric acid is equivalent to 34.48mg of clotrimazole (C22H17ClN2).
1st titration= A ml of 0.1M perchloric acid was used.
2nd titration= B ml of 0.1M perchloric acid was used.
How do I calculate the % of clotrimazole?

  • Chemistry-help needed -

    A mL x (34.48 mg cmpd/1mL) = ??mg cmpd. Convert to grams, then
    (grams/0.3)*100 = %
    B mL is done the same way.

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