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2. When a 1.000 g sample of the rocket fuel hydrazine, N2H4, is burned in a bomb calorimeter which contains 1200g of water, the temperature rises from 24.62C to 28.16C. If the C for the bomb is 840 J/C
Calculate: q reaction for combustion of a one-gram sample
q reaction for combustion of one mole of hydrazine in the bomb calorimeter

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    q = mass H2O x specific heat H2O x (delta T) + Ccal*(delta T) for 1 gram (J/g). If i understand the second part of the question correctly,
    Calculate J/mol from (J/g)*(molar mass in g/1 mol) = ??
    Then substitute ?? (J/mol) into
    q(J/mol) = mass H2O x specific heat H2O x (delta T) + Cp(delta T). Solve for delta T. qrxn for 1 mol in that calorimeter = q for water + q for calorimeter.

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