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A pickling solution is prepared by dissolving 278 g of NaCl in 4-1 L of water. Calculate the osmolarity of the solution

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    How many ml of 5.0 M NaOH do I need to get 39.0 g of NaOH

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    I can't tell if that is 4.1 L or you have the solute dissolved in four(4) 1L containers.
    Osmolarity = # moles solute particles/L soln.
    # moles solute particles is (278/molar mass NaCl)*2/L soln. Subtitute whatever the correct value is for the volume of solution.

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    If you have a question you should not piggy back on another post. Most of the time those are ignored. Please go to the top of the board, click on Post a New Question and type in your question.

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