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Reposting since it wasn't clear in the previous post
S2O82-(aq) + 2I-(aq) ----------> 2SO42-(aq) + I2(aq) (I)

Rate = k [S2O82-]x [I-]y

Rate1 = k [S2O82-]x [I-]y

Experiment data
Experiment: 0.20M NaI,0.20M NaCl, 0.010M Na2S2O3,2% Starch,0.20M K2SO4, 0.20 M K2S2O8
Used 2ml = 20 drops of each solution for the experiment 1.
Time for Exp 2 and 3 are 101 sec and 96 seconds
Experiment2 20 drops 20 drops 20 drops 20 drops 0 drops 40 drops

Experiment3 40 drops 0 drops 20 drops 20 drops 20 drops 20 drops

Need help calculating these:

Calculated concentration of S2O82ƒ{ _______________ mol/L

Calculated concentration of Iƒ{ _______________ mol/L

Total elapsed time (ƒ´t) _______153sec

Rate of reaction _______________ M/sec
(from mathematical rate expression)

Rate constant, k _______________ sec-1

Calculated reaction orders (show work in lab report): x: _____ y: _____

Complete rate law (with orders): ______________________________

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