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Read the passage below and complete it with the verbs in Past Simple from the box.

create,take,test, offer,be, publish,come out,have , give, find;

The PostScript language was developed in the early 1980s as a page description language for printers and photo setters. It was Adobe Systems, Inc. That (1) ___________________ the PostScript language and developed Illustrator, the first program that (2) ____________________ advantage of the full range of graphic possibilities (3) ______________________ by PostScript. Adobe Systems (4) __________________ also the suppliers of fonts for use with PostScript-based printers.
The language was documented in The PostScript Language Reference Manual, (5) ___________________ by Addison-Wesley in 1985. PostScript soon became widely used by DTP publishers and graphic designers. In 1990 PostScript level 2 (6) ______________________, which incorporated new features such as ATM technology, composite fonts, image compression and other details.
When some experts (7) ____________________ the performance of different colour printers, they (8) _________________ that every PostScript printer was easy to use and (9) ____________________ consistently good results, while every non- PostScript printer (10) ___________________ problems with output in at least one application.

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