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3. With his new ability to think hypothetically, a 13 year-old boy is most likely to:
a. Think about how things should be
b. Accept conditions as they are
c. Feel confident about his future
d. Believe that the world is just

4. One of the inadequacies of Piaget's theory with regard to older adolescents and adults is that:
a. Formal operational thought occurs earlier than Piaget had predicted
b. Adult thinking is more complete than Piaget had thought
c. Formal operational thought appears earlier in females than in males
d. Some of these individuals still have difficulty with formal operational thought

5. The statement that best reflects moral reasoning at the conventional level is:
a. “I will do what is right for me”
b. “Every citizen should obey the rules”
c. “Rules are made to be broken
d. “Might makes right”

I feel so bad that I keep asking questions when people have already taken the time to answer others but I have read chapter about 6 times trying to find the answers and tried googling too but got nothing. Wiser people often know things that I don't! Please help and thank you! ^_^

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    In your previous posts, you've tried to answer the questions.

    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    Okay so I looked for as much information in the book as I could and these are my answers to them! Please look over them! Thank You!
    3. A (I googled hypothetically and it said: based on a hypothesis)
    4. A (I think it was Piaget that my psychology teacher from 2 semesters said, that was off with his stages of each age)
    5. b (It says at that stage they believe that actively maintaining the current social system ensures positive relationships and societal order.

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    Great! I agree with your answers, although I'm not positive about 4.

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    3, c

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