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1. solve tan36 degrees- tan2degrees/ 1+tan36 degrees tan 2 degrees as a single function.

2. Find the exact value of sin (α-β) if sina=4/5 and cos β= -9/41 terminal side of α lies in I and terminal side of β lies in III

3. If cosx=1/12 and sinx > 0, find tan2x


  • PRE CALC -

    1. tan(36 - 2) = tan 34
    2. sin ? = 4/5 --> cos ? = 3/5
    cos ? = -9/41 --> sin ? = -40/41
    sin(?-?) = sin?*cos? - cos?*sin? = ?
    3. tan x = sqrt(143)
    tan 2x = 2tanx/(1 - tan^2(x)) = ?

  • PRE CALC -

    how to calculate the value of tan36°

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