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Consider 100g of 5.5% (mass) solution of NaNO3. Complete the following table, before calculating molarity, molality and mole fraction of NaNO3.

Mass(g) 100g

Moles ----

RefInfo 85g/mol 18.02g/mol

Density=1.00g/mol (This goes under "soln" as reference info).

Ok well I attempted to make a table. I have to fill it in. Can anyone help me fill it out plz?

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    Ok that looks wrong.

    100g should be under solution for the mass, 18.02g/mol for the solvent of H2O and 85g/mol for the solute of NaNO3. I have to find mass of solute and solvent and the moles of solute and solvent. Pls help anyone!

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    I can't make out some of it but I can get you started and you can fill in the missing parts.
    100 g NaNO3 solution that is 5.5% w/w.
    That is NOT 100 g NaNO3, that is 100 g of the solution.
    5.5% w/w means 5.5 g NaNO3/100 g solution.

    So mass solute = 5.5 grams.
    moles solute = 5.5/molar mass NaNO3.
    mass solution = 100 g
    mass solute = 5.5
    mass solvent (H2O) = 100-5.5 = ??
    moles solvent(H2O) = g solvent/molar mass solvent.

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