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If the rotational speed of each wheel is 9 revolution per second, what are the tangential speeds of a point on the rim of each wheel?

Note: Wheels spin independently with equal rotation speeds
-Diameter of Wheel A: 24
-Diameter of Wheel B: 12

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    9 rev/sec = 18 pi radians/sec. That is called tha angular speed, and usually has a symbol omega. Here, we often use w.

    You need to provide a dimension along with the "diameter" number.

    Multiply half the diameter (the radius) by the angular speed in radians per second to get the tangential speed.

    Tangential speed = w*R

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    ok, i tried that and it's still giving me the wrong answer.
    On one of the hints it says path/time. I'm so lost, haha

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    Tangential speed= 18pi X .24
    Tangential speed= 18pi X .12

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