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Algebra 2 word problem

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Just wanted to check to see if these are correct. Thank you,

Please check
if a greyhound bus travels 7mph slower than the express bus. the express bus travels 45 miles in the time it takes the greyhound bus to travel 38 miles. find the speed of each bus

greyhound 38/x-7 express 45/x





38mph for greyhound
45mph for express

  • Algebra 2 word problem -

    Correct :)

  • Algebra 2 word problem -

    The answer is correct!

    However, please be careful with parenthese:
    38/x-7 ≡ (38/x) - 7
    because multiplications and divisions take precedence over additions and subtractions.
    If you want 38/(x-7), you need the parentheses.

    A general rule is to insert parentheses around the numerator and denominator.

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