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Tennis balls withal diameter of 2.5 in. Are sold in cans of three. The can is a cylinder. What is the volume of the space in the can not occupied by tennis balls? Assume the balls touch the on the sides,top and bottom.

  • Math -

    Height of cylinder, h
    = 3 times the diameter of tennis balls
    = 3*2.5"
    = 7.5"
    Diameter of cylinder, d
    = diameter of tennis ball
    = 2.5"
    Volume of cylinder
    = πd²h/4

    Volume of each tennis ball, v
    = 4π(d/2)³/3
    Volume of three tennis balls
    = 3v
    = 4π(d/2)³

    Interstitial space
    = Volume of cylinder - volume of three balls.

  • Math -

    approximately 12.27 in^3

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