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I am stuck in exponential growth and decay. Here is an example. Can someone tell me how to do this step-by-step please? Here it is...
The population of Mexico has been increasing at an annual rate of 1.7%. If the population of Mexico was 100,350,000 in the year 2000, predict its population in 2012.

I tried this many times but kept failing at it. Can someone please help me? Thanks

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    The examples in my book didn't help and didn't even mention anything remotely simialr to this problem.

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    Pt = Po(1 + rt),

    r = 1.7% / 100% = 0.017 = Annual % increase expressed as a decimal.

    t = 2012 - 2000 = 12yrs.

    rt = 0.017/yr * 12yrs = 0.204.

    Pt = 100.35*10^6(1.204),
    Pt = 120.8214*10^6 = 120,821,400 = population in 2012.

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    Thankyou so mjch for the help. The book says 122,848,204 ,but the problem says for me to estimate so basically anything close to it would work. Right? Like 120,821,400.

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