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I need to duplicate the strength of lye made from wood ash dissolved in water (Potassium Hydroxide) to that of lye made from Sodium Hydroxide disolved in water. The soap recipes I use require lye of various strengths as determined by fluid volume of water combined with the prescribed humber of grams of sodium hydroxide. e.g. 6 fluid oz of water combined with 58 g of sodium hydroxide. This makes lye of a specific strength. I want to be able to duplicate the strength of the sodium hydroxide lye water when useing potassium hydroxide made from dissolving wood ash in water. I can make the potassium hydroxide lye water stronger by reducing its volume with heat or weaker by increasing its volume by adding more water. I assume the easiest way to make potassium hydroxide lye water of the same strength as the sodium hydroxide lye water is to make them have the same PH. To do this I need to know the PH of a solution made from 6 fluid oz of water combined with 58 gr of sodium hydroxide

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