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If each of the salts listed in A through E were dissolved in water to make a 0.1 M solution, which solution would have the lowest pH?

a. NaNO2
b. NaF
c. AlCl3
d. KNO3
e. Na3PO4

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    The lowest pH means the strongest acid.
    I do these this way but your teacher may want another method. I hydrolyze each salt.
    NaNO2 + HOH ==> HNO2 + NaOH
    HNO2 is a weak acid, NaoH a strong base, the solution will be basic.
    NaF + HOH ==> HF + NaOH
    HF is a weak acid, NaOH is a strong base, the solution will be basic.
    Etc.Find the one that is acidic. In case more than one is acidic, the strongest acid will be the one you want.

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