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okay i have this writing assignment on how drunk driving can be stopped ..

i have like three sentences to complete it and these three sentences are to explain how/what harsher penalties can help in stopping drunk driving..

I'm stuck because the following are already the penalties for drunk driving:

Jail time, probation, the installation of an ignition interlock system in your vehicle, insurance coverage problems, restricted travel, community service, loss of employment and expensive fines are some of the consequences you could face. And the penalties only worsen with each new drunk driving conviction added to your record. Many times, a second DUI conviction within a five-year period of your first conviction can result in double the jail time, fines and probation period.

i was thinking harsher penalties for those who are caught DUI for the first time any ideas ??

(i cant post the full paragraph for Plagiarism reasons)

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    Loss of license?


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