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Bangs really confuse me:(
Could I get a few notes on them please, I already checked the internet.

B stands for beauty
A stands for age
N stands for number
G stands for goodness
S stands for size

These are all adjectives, what confuses me is that are they supposed to come after the noun or before?


    Clever! Unlike English adjectives, most descriptive adjectives in French FOLLOW the noun they modify.
    une porte secrète
    les vins blancs

    Some short descriptive adjectives that usually precede the noun are:
    beau (B for beauty)
    jeune/vieux (A for age)
    dernier/premier/plusieurs (N for number)
    bon (G for goodness)
    grand/petit/gros (S for size)
    But there are others as well:
    tout (precedes the article = toute la maison)

    Then there are adjectives that have two or more meanings, depending upon the position (after or before)

    Sra (aka M me)


    There are masculine forms, feminine forms, and plural forms as well right?


    Absolutely! A good dictionary will help you. Take for example: bon
    bon = masculine singular
    bonne = feminine singular
    bons = masculine plural
    bonnes = feminine plural

    beau = masculine singular
    bel = masculine singular before a vowel (a, e, i, o, u)
    belle = feminine singular
    beaux = masculine plufal
    belles = feminine plural

    Sra (aka Mme)

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