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how wold you prepare 2.00L of 1.00M HCl solution using 6.00 M HCl?

i already found the volume of 6.00M HCl needed to be .333L. i am confused about how to actually prepare the solution. do i used a volumetric flask or any other glassware?

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    Yes, you take 333.33 mL of the 6M stuff, add it to a 2L volumetric flask, and make to the mark with distilled or deionized water. Note that this is different from adding 333.33 mL of the 6M stuff and ADDING (2000-333.33 = 1666.67)mL of water. If you want this to be quite accurate, I don't know how you go about measuring, exactly, an aliquot of 333.33 mL.

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