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(I have no idea how to even approach this question. Can anyone please help me?)

Some people have proposed that the
earth could solve its population problem by shipping people off to space colonies, each containing about 10,000 people. Assuming that we could build such large-scale, self-sustaining space stations, how many people would have to be shipped off each day to provide living spaces for the 82 million people being added to the earth’s population each year? Current space shuttles can handle about 6 to 8 passengers. If this capacity could be increased to 100 passengers per shuttle, how many shuttles would have to be launched per day to offset the 82 million people being added each year?

  • Science Urgent Please help -

    additional population
    = 82,000,000 persons / year
    = 82,000,000/365 persons / day
    = 224,658 persons / day

    With 100 persons per shuttle,
    we need
    = 2247 shuttle trips / day

  • Science Urgent Please help -

    Thank you so so much, I had no idea how to do it. THANK YOU!

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