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A certain coiled wire with uneven windings has the property that to stretch it an amount s from its relaxed length requires a force that is given by , so its behavior is different from a normal spring. You suspend this device vertically, and its unstretched length is 19.0 cm. You hang a mass of 17.0 grams from the device, and you observe that the length is now 21.0 cm. What is b? (Start your analysis from the Momentum Principle.)

You hold the 17.0 gram mass and throw it downward, releasing it when the length of the spring-like device is 24.0 cm and the speed of the mass is 5.40 m/s. One millisecond later, what is the approximate change in the speed of the mass?

At this same time, one millisecond after throwing, what is the approximate change in the stretch of the device?

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