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Hi there!

I know two languages so far English and Russian. (I know the Russian language as well as I know English.) So, I was wondering about a third language to take at the college. I want to take a European language, but I cannot decide. Among my top choices are German, Ukrainian, Hebrew,... maybe French... What language should I take?

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    Hebrew would be useful if you were planning to spend time in Israel. However, it has very few worldwide speakers. German and French are spoken more widely.

    What is your goal in adding another language?

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    I want to begin learning a third language simply because I will have something to do this summer.

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    I am tempted to tell you Choose French , as it is among the 10 most spoken languages of the world, (before German). Now if you know Russian , maybe another Slavic language like Ukrainian would be easier for you.

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    I would suggest that if you plan to go into commerce/business, an Asian language. Chinese is becoming more and more important. Learning to speak is one thing but learning to read and write is more difficult!

    Consider the ethnicity of your family or the career you would like to have some day. What other country might you live in or visit?

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    go with greek!!

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