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Just need sme help with these questions:

1. Timothy 3:16 says that all scripture is inspired by God, what exactly does this mean?

2. If yu were a liberal Christian how would you interpret the creation story in Genesis 1-3?

3. If you were a fundamental Christian how would you interpret the Resurrection of Jesus?

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    A lot of what they want you to do is look at what you (not us) think the passages mean. With that in mind:

    --Timothy 3:16 - how do you understand "inspired?" Some people think this means God controlled the writers to write things down exactly that way so that an exact message would get across. Others feel the authors had an experience and story that helps understand God more clearly. What do you think?

    --Modern scholarship suggests that these two stories were written in entirely different time periods. Google the JEPD Theory. Most suggest the 2nd creation story (Adam and Eve) was written under the J author and the first story, with the 7 days, was written under the P author a few hundred years later. Strictly Conservative Christians believe the book of Genesis was written by Moses. Aside from this, what meaning does it have if not simply factual? There is a deeper meaning....this is what a more liberal Christian would focus on.

    --Resurrection of Jesus would be viewed as a strictly literal, physical resurrection. This is generally held throughout Christianity, but there are very liberal Theologians that do not holf this view. Still...focus on the meaning of overcoming death and how it provides a way to salvation.

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