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Algebra 2

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for the polynomial complete the following table, -7x^4+8x^3-8x^2+3x-4. Degree of the term, Coefficient, Degree of the term, Degree of the Polynomial. Thank you.

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    -7x^4 + 8x^3 - 8x^2 + 3x-4

    The first term in the polynomial, when it is written in decreasing order, is also the term with the biggest exponent, and is called the "leading term".

    The exponent on a term tells you the "degree" of the term. For instance, the leading term in the above polynomial is a "fourth-degree term" or "a term of degree four". The second term is a "third degree" term.

    The degree of the leading term tells you the degree of the whole polynomial (when written in decreasing order); the polynomial above is a "fourth-degree polynomial".

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