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Rashida is an accountant, a wife,and mother of two young children.Which one of the following statements is likely to be true regarding her labor force participation?
A)She is likely to be working for extra pocket money
B)She is unlikely to remain in the labor force as long as male accountants
C0She is likely to accept the additional responsibilities of a promotion
D)She is likely to take more sick leave than male accountants in her firm?

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    I disagree with your answer.

    What have you learned about this from your text?

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    TRENDS IN PARTICIPATION: the most dramatic increase occured among woman under six year of age.The motivations of mothers of preschool children vary from financial need to a need for personal satisfaction and achievement.It might appear from this evidence that economic discrimination against woman is diminishing and that woman are increasingly free to enter the labor force even when they have small children at home..The right to equal economic opportunities only begins at the point of gaining employment,however.THAT'S ALL

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    That paragraph indicates that economic opportunities for women are increasing. Mothers with young children are free to enter the labor market. The implication is that women are likely to accept promotions.

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    THANK YOU:))))

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    You're welcome.

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    Is A she is likely to be working for extra pocket money.

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