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What is the common element in each column?

Column A:
The number of minimum wage jobs has increased.

By 2025 blue collar work could be totally obsolete.

The number of ATM’s is increasing faster than the rate of bank

“We’re sorry all our operators are busy. Your call is important to
us; please hold for the next available operator”

Column B:
Pension funds account for 74% of all individual investments, 1/3 of corporate equity, and 40% of corporate bonds.

44% of women who work outside the home would prefer to have more time at home.

700,000 Canadians work 5 or more hours overtime a week.

Tax machines not people.

“It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

What column do the following statements belong?

The number of part time jobs of all types, is up.

Technology is never neutral.

Technology has always destroyed jobs.

We should define a person’s worth outside of wage labour.

My Answer:
The only thing I can see is that the items in column A take jobs away from people. The lesson was about supply and demand. However I do not see how that comes into play. Thanks for your help.

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