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ok my assignment is find a french music video and put speach bubbles in the video and also explain the meaning of the video.
ok my music video is "Juste Une Photo de Toi" and i got the speech bubbles working but i don't know what the video mean.
here what i think it is about: he kept a photo of himself with his ex-girlfriend. He sees her at a bar and then he chases after her. WHen he caught up to her he gave the photo to her.

can someone help me out like fill in anything i missed.

please help and thank you

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    "Juste une photo de toi" is the name of the song and unfortunately the video is quite dark. That leaves a large part of it up to the viewer. Because it is a "flashback" from his past, the only thing he has left of that memory is the photo. The words of the song explain that she came into his life quickly but went out of it just as quickly Perhaps the symbolism of the racing car and the motorcycle is to show that they were both racing through life, on the same path for a while. He also sings that he only want to forget her so possibly he just leaves the photo on the ground. Did you see the title of the interview: "Confessions from/of a player?" (I forget which exactly.)

    The interesting thing about this RnB singer is he mentions Justin Timberlake and Ricky Martin in the interview that was also there. He took the name of Pokara (which someone said meant "humility") which is a place in Nepal. Did you notice all the tatoos and a ring looking like an Iron Cross on his right hand? On a later interview he had a different ring.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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