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A room is in the shape of a right triangle. The hypotenuse is 8 meters longer than the short leg and the long leg is 4 meters longer than the short leg. Find the length of each side. (ok, now how can it be done if I change each side to cm and km, then ft and yards?)

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    The numerical answer would be the same if the information were given in cm, m, or feet.

    Let x be the short side.
    long side = x+4
    hypotenuse = x+8
    Apply Pythagoras theorem:
    (x+4)²+x² = (x+8)²
    Solve for x (it is a quadratic equation).
    You will find two integer solutions, one of which is negative and should be rejected.

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    Julie,check your 2-20-11,4:09 post.

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