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A gas at 65 degrees Celsius occupies 4.22L. At what Celsius temperature will the volume 3.87L, assuming the same pressure?

-kay so ive tried this one like a million times & i cant seem to get the right answer so pls talk me through the steps. like i know the equation is V1/T1=V2/T2 (volume & temp) & all it is is plugging in #s but im not getting the right answer !!! HELP. Like i even converted celsius to Kelvin and that's not workin. cos i have an answer sheet but doesnt shw us how.

so this is what igot
338k x 4.22L/3.87L=368-273
then i get 95 degress celsius.
& the book answer says 37 degres celsius. ): what am i doing wrong !

  • Chemistry -

    (V1/T1) = (V2/T2)
    (4.22/338) = (3.87/T2)
    Cross multiply.
    4.22T2 = 338*3.87
    T2 = 338*3.87/4.22 = 309.966 K
    309.966-273 = 36.966 which rounds to 37.0 to three significant figures. You didn't show all of your work so I don't know if you substituted correctly (or not) or if the trouble is in the algebra. You should know your answer is wrong, however, BECAUSE if the volume goes down the temperature must go down (Charles' Law). You have the temperature going up.

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