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I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much for your help!

1)The revenge tragedy (or a revenge tragedy) has the following features. First of all, a sexual or violent crime is committed (has been committed is possible?) against a member of the hero's family and for some (various) reasons (better which various reasons) cannot be punished.
2) The second feature is the presence of a ghost, who urges the hero to commit the crime (to seek/take his revenge).
3)Another feature is that the hero establishes a close relationship with the audience through asides and soliloquies.
4) As for their origin, all revenge tragedies derive from the Greeks.
The hero has a period of doubt (goes through a period of doubt).
5) The hero also has (has also) a close relationship with the audience.
6) Hamlet sees Claudius praying (pray, at prayer are all possible?) and delays his action because the king is in a state of grace.
7) Every revenge tragedy (all revenge tragedies) derives from the Greeks.
8) You should have listed the features of the revenge tragedies first and then mentioned the reasons why Hamlet is a revenge tragedy.
The presents I received for (at is possible?) Christmas.

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    7. If the subject is plural, the verb will be "derive."

    The rest are all possible.


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