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for tu commands:
Bring it! = traelo
Bring it (negative)! = no lo traes

or "no lo traigas" ?

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    no lo traigas

    think "yo form", then flip endings (er verb so as ending)

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    If an accent mark is required, it MUST be there or your verb will be marked wrong.

    being it = tráelo
    don't = no lo traigas

    If the verb is regular, use the 3rd person singular: él lo trae = statement but tráelo = bring it = command

    The negative will use the "yo" form as the root with the "opposite vowel" meaning an -ar verb uses "e" while an "er" or "ir" verb use "a."
    hablar = habla/no hables
    comer = come / no comas
    vivir = vive / no vivas


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    How do you change the following underlined word toa direct object pronoun and position it correctly?
    Toca usted ese instlumento?

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