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Which is correct?
1. What did you do on the winter break?
2. What did you do on winter break?

I believe #2 is correect because the `the` is not needed. However, I cannot find a clear rule to support this. Please advise.


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    # 2 is most used -- at least here in the U.S.

    James -- we native English speakers don't have clear rules about the use of articles. :-(

    For instance, in the U.K., they say that someone went to hospital or went to university. In the U.S., we use the articles -- went to the hospital or went to the university.

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    I tell my EFL students that if they are unsure, it is best to use the article.

    Here, the distinction seems to be a time (without "the") or a specific winter break (with "the"). They both mean the same's just how you say it.

    Both are ok.

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