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Penelope bought 17 large packs and 5 small packs of identical pens. When she got home, her little sister opened all of the packages on the floor. If a total of 234 pens were on the floor, how man pens did a large pack contain?

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    Here we have
    L=Size of large packs, L∈ℕ
    S=Size of small packs, S∈ℕ
    with the conditions
    1. L>S
    2. 17L+5S=234

    The integer solutions to L are:
    L=2 =>S=(234-2*17)/5=40
    L=7 =>S=(234-7*17)/5=23
    L=12 =>S=(234-12*17)/5=6

    So make your choice according to the constraints from the following:

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