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Spanish-6th grade

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1.If someone's birthday is December 1 would I say Es el primero de diciembre or Es el uno de diciembre? I think I would say Es el uno de diciembre because I think I only use el primero for January/ Is that correct?

2. If I said my grandparents names are Mary and Clem would I say Mis abvuelos se llaman Clem y Mary or would I say Mis abuelos se llama Clem y Mary. I think it is Mis abuelos se llaman Clem y mary.

Thank you

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    Good question! For #1, ANY month uses "primer" = Es el primero de diciembre.

    #2 The first is absolutely the one because the subject is plural (Mis abuelos) and the verb must be plural as well "se llaman."


  • Spanish-6th grade -

    Thank you very much

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