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1.I have often (dream) of becoming a great writer.
2.I (drink) two glasses of orange juice at breakfast today.
3.Their new boat (sink) in six feet water.
4.Generation have (take) wood and food from the rain forests.
5.The canal has (freeze), and the ferry can't get through.
6.In one year my little brother has (grow) two inches.

Have to use correct verb form


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    Ooops, you're slipping.

    Only half of these are correct.

    Please check the verb form list I posted for you earlier.

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    Do you have another website to help me? I'm still confused. I looked over list.

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    Remember that the past participle is always used with a helping verb -- have, had, had, was, were.


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    1. Both dreamed and dreamt are correct.

    2. Correct

    3. sank (simple past tense)

    4. Correct

    5. Correct

    6. Correct

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