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I would like to know if I did these problem right?
y + 2x =3
Y +2x=-4
y=2*x+4=0 If not can you show me the steps

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    What are you trying to do with these equations?

    Please post the exact directions to your problem.

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    I am also confused since you said "these problem." I am not sure if it's many (these) or one (problem).

    My assumption is you have 2 equations:
    Y+2x = 3 and
    Y+2x = -4

    Do you have to take these 2 and find out what x and y equal?

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    System of equation. substitution or elmination method??

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    Ok so let me start over. System of equation can be solved by graphing, substitution or elmination method. I only have to choose one method and I was trying the elimination method is that how my problem seems to be?

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