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When the waiter was asked to slice the 16-inch (in diameter) pizza into exactly 4 slices of equal size, he decided to do so using concentric circles rather than radial slices. Determine the radii of each of the three cuts he had to make.

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    By equal size I assume you mean equal area. The total pie area is 3.14(8^2) = 201.06 Each piece must therefore be 50.265 in area.

    The central piece is a circle with area = 50.265 = 3.14(r1)^2 making r1 = 4 in.

    The next piece is a circular ring of r2 outer radius and r1 inner radius and area = 50.265 = 3.14(r2^2 - r1^2) making r2 = 5.656 in.

    The next piece is a circular ring of r3 outer radius and r2 inner radius and area = 50.265 = 3.14(r3^2 - r^2) making r3 = ? Your turn.

    The person getting the outer ring is cheated out of some cheese.

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